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A beautiful introduction to electronics and programming. The board is round and has alligator-clip pads around it so you don't have to solder or sew to make it work. Powered by USB, or AAA battery pack.

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Features Include

  • 10 x mini NeoPixels, each one can display any color

  • 1 x Motion sensor

  • 1 x Temperature sensor (thermistor)

  • 1 x Light sensor (phototransistor). Can also act as a color sensor and pulse sensor.

  • 1 x Sound sensor (MEMS microphone)

  • 1 x Mini speaker (7.5mm magnetic speaker/buzzer)

  • 2 x Push buttons, labeled A and B

  • 1 x Slide switch

  • Infrared receiver and transmitter

  • 8 x alligator-clip friendly input/output pins

  • Includes I2C, UART, 8 pins that can do analog inputs, multiple PWM output

  • 7 pads can act as capacitive touch inputs and the 1 remaining is a true analog output

  • Green "ON" LED so you know its powered

  • Red "#13" LED for basic blinking

  • Reset button

  • ATSAMD21 ARM Cortex M0 Processor, running at 3.3V and 48MHz

  • 2 MB of SPI Flash storage, used primarily with CircuitPython to store code and libraries.

  • MicroUSB port for programming and debugging

  • USB port can act like serial port, keyboard, mouse, joystick or MIDI!

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